Dental Crown Services In Sealy, TX

Are you in need of the very best dental crown near Sealy, TX? Look no further than Sealy Dental Center! Our skilled restorative dentists use cutting-edge tools and technologies to fabricate custom tooth crowns made just for you!

Nervous about your time in the dental chair? Although our team is focused on gentle care, we know that dental appointments aren't easy for those with anxiety, light and sound sensitivities, and special healthcare needs. To make your visit a more comfortable one, we have a safe sedation option tailored to your needs.

What Is A Dental Crown?

Dental crowns, also known as tooth crowns and tooth caps, are durable, natural-looking covers designed to cover an external portion of the tooth that has been damaged due to decay, an injury, or a necessary procedure, like a root canal. All of our dental crowns are expertly-fabricated in an outside laboratory and are custom-shaped and custom-shaded to blend in seamlessly with your other teeth.

Our Sealy, TX dentistry office is proud to offer a range of materials to suit your smile best:

  • All Porcelain Crowns
  • All Ceramic Crowns
  • Metal Porcelain Crowns
  • Zirconia Crowns
  • BruxZir® Crowns

Is A Tooth Crown The Right Choice For Me?

If you have suffered a sizable cavity in a tooth, an injury, or if you want to cover a tooth for cosmetic purposes, chances are, you are an excellent candidate for a dental crown.

Additionally, our dentists may recommend them to patients with:

  • A cracked or broken tooth
  • A damaged loose crown
  • A weak tooth
  • Misshapen or discolored tooth (cosmetic purposes)

It also may be recommended following these procedures:

  • Dental implant surgery
  • Dental bridge fabrication
  • Root canal therapy

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

Total dental crown cost can vary from patient to patient depending upon the following factors:

  • Material. Our doctors fabricate tooth crowns from a range of different materials. Your price will be based on the material chosen.
  • Insurance. Your out-of-pocket tooth crown cost will depend on the terms of your dental insurance plan.

Sealy Dental Center is proud to accept a wide range of dental insurance plans, and we even accept no-interest financing plans through CareCredit®. If you do not have dental insurance, ask to join our in-house dental membership program!

Have questions? Our friendly team will provide you with a dental crown cost breakdown prior to your procedure.

Restore Your Smile At Sealy Dental Center

Do you have a loose crown? Or, do you have a tooth that might require a permanent crown? Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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